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Dr. Mandar V. Bichu is the Founder-Editor of Health Video Tips. He completed his medical graduation and the Pediatrics post-graduation in Mumbai University’s Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College. Since 1993, he is based in the United Arab Emirates.

As a paediatrician, Dr. Mandar has nearly three decades of experience in the fields of Child Health and Community Health. He has founded Right Parenting Lifestyle Guidance Program, a unique community health education outreach program, through which he has conducted multiple parenting and lifestyle guidance workshops for schools, nurseries, community associations and official bodies in the UAE and in India.

He has authored ‘Right Parenting: the New Age Parenting & Child-Health Handbook’, and also written multiple articles on parenting and child-health for major newspapers and magazines in the UAE.

His medical and media skills (author, journalist, blogger, communicator and community health educator) have made him a well-known personality, and has brought in public acclaim.

Health Video Tips is the fourth web-site he has founded, besides Right Parenting, Cinema Sangeet and Lata Online.


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