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Welcome to HealthVideoTips

by HealthVideoTips

Welcome to Health Video Tips (www.healthvideotips.com)- your family’s go-to-address when it comes to seeking medical expert-curated health and lifestyle information.

Why is the need for this site?

A picture is worth thousand words; and in modern context, a video is worth ten times that!

Advent of the internet and the social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Vimeo have made this era ‘Video Era’ as far as the consumption of infotainment is concerned. Today, more and more people are watching videos to get informed and educated about key matters. Health and Lifestyle are two areas, where there is a serious need to provide authentic, scientific information and education to public.

With millions of video posts, the sheer volume of available video content is overwhelming; and as in any other field, there are Good, Bad & Ugly to select from. The misinformation is rampant, and it is important to avoid that especially when it comes to any family’s health and lifestyle issues. So, there is a serious need to create a more concise, expert-curated authoritative archive of such videos for public.

What is the site about?

  • Health Video Tips aims to be the most comprehensive archive of the best informative and educative videos on various Health and Lifestyle issues.
  • Our medical experts carefully select and curate the video content on important health and lifestyle topics from the mind-bogglingly vast numbers of videos posted on the YouTube and other video-hosting platforms.
  • Special attention is given to choose the video content that is interesting, informative and 100% reliable as far as the scientific authenticity is concerned.
  • Except the videos that are from our Right Parenting Tips YouTube channel, most of the videos are chosen from different YouTube creators’ channels. Quality and authenticity are the two qualities, which decide the selection.

How to use the site?

Child Health, General Health, Parenting, Women’s Health, Healthy Nutrition, Keeping Fit, Positive Minds…the names of our video sections should make it very easy  for any user to find out the health-lifestyle topic s/he is seeking. You can also check the Tags section to get an idea about popular topics.

Also, check out our Worth Watching section, which although not directly related to health-lifestyle topics, brings together some fantastic infotainment videos to keep you engaged. Fun, Learning, General Knowledge, Inspiring Thought-provoking Stuff…you will find some great videos here to keep binge-watching!

Why Subscribe?

  • You can subscribe or register free of cost, just with your email.
  • The subscribers will be able to comment on the videos.
  • They will receive latest site updates through periodic newsletters. (We don’t spam!)
  • Through this site, we offer a special Tele-Health option for the global community through Webinars, Parenting Courses and Online Consultations on various health-lifestyle issues. To access these services, your email subscription will be your entry ticket.

So what are you waiting for? For your family’s health information need, you just need one address- Health Video Tips!

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