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Health Video Tips experts are more than happy to offer free health and lifestyle webinars to schools, nurseries, corporate companies, community associations or official government bodies. These webinars can be arranged as per mutual convenience.

Some of the topics offered are:
1. Covid-19 Pandemic: Basic Care & Prevention
2. Covid-19 Pandemic: Care of Children’s Health
3. Cyberworld & Gadgets- Do-s & Don’ts
4. Healthy Family Nutrition
5. First Aid: Understanding the basics
6. Stress Management
7. Exams: How to prepare well without stress?
8. Positive Discipline For Kids
9. Understanding Teenagers

If any other specific health or lifestyle topic is to be covered, then it can be conveyed, and we will try and oblige.

For Inquiries, you can fill and send the following form.

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