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Parenting is the most important factor determining health and lifestyle of new generation. With working parents, nuclear families, fast lifestyles, increasing consumerism and invasion of technology, the modern urban parenting has become quite complex and challenging.

The traditional, time-bound pediatrician consultations do not focus on parenting challenges, and then, the parents typically gather their parenting concepts from family, friends, books, internet and dubious Parenting Gurus.

Unfortunately many a time, these concepts are either outdated or unscientific, leading to many wrong parenting practices leading to wrong long-term results in health and lifestyle. That is why it is imperative to learn the right concepts at the right time from the right expert.

Dr. Mandar V. Bichu, who is a pediatrician with more than 28 years experience, is the Founder of Right Parenting Lifestyle Guidance program. Through this program, he has conducted multiple Parenting & Lifestyle Guidance workshops for schools, nurseries, corporates, community associations and official bodies. He has devised Parenting Courses focusing on key areas like healthy nutrition, positive discipline, mental resilience, parent-child relationship and common health-lifestyle issues.

These easy-to-follow and extremely effective parenting courses will soon be available online.

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