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by HealthVideoTips

Technology has made it possible now for you to get the best possible health and lifestyle expert advice right from the comfort of your living room. Health Video Tips panel of experts will offer Tele-Video consultations on non-emergency, non-clinical health and lifestyle issues.

Some of the popular inquiries in these online consultations (a paid service) are as follows:

1. Care of the newborn and infant
2. Feeding methods (Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Weaning)
3. Growth & Development of Children (Underweight, Overweight, Short stature, Not gaining weight)
4. Child Behaviour, Habits & Discipline
5. Immunization schedules
6. School-related issues
7. Teenage Troubles
8. Exam Stress
9. General Stress
10. Healthy Nutrition (Balanced diet, Managing Picky Eaters)

If you want to schedule an online consultation, please book your appointment by getting in touch through the following form.

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